The brand was founded in 1982, thanks to the passion of Angelo Bervicato designer for trendy footwear projected innovation of the concept of “Fashion Shoes”.

The realization of the product is carried out meticulously, taking into account every single detail, from the selection of leathers and fabrics (first choice) and the fashionable glamor colors. The careful choice is dictated by the combination of the accessories (always in line with current trends) and the right balance in design that gives comfort to our footwear.

We all share the same passion and tenacity in our work, because everyone is aware of his experience can give the brand, thus influencing on continuous improvement and striving for perfection.

In line with the principles of the ancient Italian craftsmanship , the company puts into practice his experience in all its phases. Each production cycle comes to life the creative flair of the stylist who is supported throughout the production phase by a highly qualified professional team.
Our shoes are produced in the full respect of the Environment, using clean energy, and thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Woman Bervicato, you can define the present. Woman who likes to innovate, to look and choose with taste its image.